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Denver Huddle 2021

Welcome to Denver!

Framed by the Rocky Mountains, the “Mile High City” is a vibrant location combining culture with the majestic outdoors. In addition to its breathtaking scenery and thriving cultural scene, Denver offers an incredible selection of arts, entertainment, sporting events, fine dining, shopping, and much more.  And, it will be a great place for us to learn and share together - a place to focus on building our skills and our businesses.

Denver Attractions & Weather

The 2021 NAC Huddle will be held against the majestic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains! While visiting Denver, I hope that you will enjoy all the city has to offer, including the:

  • Location:  The Curtis Hotel  is located in the heart of downtown, with easy access to an array of amenities.

  • Weather:  The city enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine every year! Because of the high altitude, prepare for your trip by hydrating in advance and drinking plenty of water while you are in Denver. Pack layers to accommodate variable weather, expect hi temps of 95, and evening lows near 60.

  • Sports:  We’ll catch a ballgame- The Colorado Rockies vs the Chicago Cubs at beautiful Coors Field. (The MLB all-star game was held there just a couple weeks ago)

  • Arts & Culture:  All around this city, there is art.  The Denver Center for the Performing Arts and the Denver Art Museum are next block neighbors to our hotel.  And, the famous outdoor sculptures “Big Blue Bear” “National Velvet”, and “Dancers” are easy walking distance..  

  • Shopping:  Only two blocks from the conference hotel, the 16th Street Mall is a mile-long pedestrian promenade with a free shuttle. See the free shuttle map below!

  • Food & Drink:  Downtown Denver is famous for its large number of craft breweries, complemented by a thriving restaurant and nightlife scene.

Denver Transportation

Denver RTD: Free 16th Street MallRide, Light Rail

To get around downtown Denver, catch the FREE 16th Street MallRide or take advantage of RTD Light Rail (see maps and rates below).

For more information, please visit or call 303-299-6464.

Airport to Hotel Transportation

The easiest- and most economical way to get from the airport to the hotel is by using the Light Rail and 16th Street Mall Ride. Of course, you can also catch a cab or Uber/Lyft ride.

Fast Facts: Train runs every 15 minutes during most of the day.  Travel time is 37 minutes, including the 6 stops.  Train Speed is up to 79mph, and each car can accommodate 91 seated passengers.  There is overhead storage and towers for luggage.  Cost is $10.50 one way from Airport to Union Station.

  1.  Exit the Airport -The airport train station is located at the base of the airport’s hotel and transit center, directly underneath the new Westin Denver International Airport hotel and conference center.  Look for signage to the “Light Rail” or “Train” or “A Line”.  When you go out the front door, turn to the right and you’ll see the train platform.

  2. Buy a ticket.  Tickets for the A Line may be purchased at the ticket vending machines located on the train platform using cash or credit cards. Again, they are $10.50 

  3. Board the Train and ride to the end of the line- Union Station in downtown Denver.

  4. Get off the train, and walk through the terminal.  Exit the terminal on the street side, and TURN to YOUR RIGHT.  Walk down one block to 16th Street.

  5. Cross 16th Street, and wait on the corner for the FREE 16th Street MallRide Bus. (One comes every few minutes)

  6. Board the Bus, and ride until you reach Curtis Street. (7th Stop I think). (There is a clear signage Marker on Every Corner listing the Street name, and the driver will announce street names for every stop)

  7. Exit the Bus.  Walk to your Right  Down Curtis Street.  Walk two blocks and you are at the Curtis Hotel Front Door.

bus map denver.png

Denver Hotel

The 2021 NAC Huddle is headquartered at:

The Curtis Hotel

1405 Curtis Street, Denver Colorado 80202



The Curtis is a Hyper-Themed hotel, designed to be a boutique, one-of-a-kind downtown experience! The hotel is affiliated with DoubleTree, so don’t miss out on your cookie at check in.


The Curtis has a small bar/restaurant on site called the Corner Office. There is also a Starbucks in the same building, but accessed only from the street. Anything you need- food, entertainment, drug store,etc can be found on 16th Street- and the free shuttle runs up and down the street continuously. 

Other (Hopefully) Helpful Information

Meals, etc

We have group meals planned for our entire stay in Denver.  All Meals are off-site. Snacks will be provided on-site at the meeting location.  The Costs of all group meals are covered….alcohol purchases are at your own expense.



Welcome Bag

Snacks, Water, Soft drinks, and and a few other goodies will be provided in a welcome bag.


Dress for the Event

Please wear business casual attire for learning sessions. For out-of-room activities, please feel free to wear whatever you are comfortable in.  


On Tuesday afternoon, we will shoot some headshots with Vanessa. Dress accordingly for photos on Tuesday. (There will be time for you to go to your room and change clothes if you wish) 


Headshot Dress Tip from Vanessa:

Wear something that makes you feel confident, but that is also comfortable and not too form-fitting.  Try to avoid busy patterns or bright colors that detract from the face. Feel free to bring a few options and we'll happily help you pick what's best for you and what you intend to use your headshot for.

Schedule/Timeline for the NAC Huddle

Sunday August 1 - Arrive in Denver

  • 3:00 4:30 Check in and Welcome Surprise The Curtis Hotel, Rolling Stones Suite

    • ​After Check-in, Drop by the Rolling Stones Suite to say hello- and to pick up your Welcome Bag​

  • 5:30 6:30 :60 Welcome to Denver Reception Corner Office  

    • Your Official Welcome to the NAC Huddle.  Come grab a beverage and greet your fellow NAC members, and get a preview for the days ahead!​

  • 6:30 9:30 :180 Dinner/Bocce at the Rhein House Rhein Haus

    • Dinner, Drinks, and an Indoor Bocce competition- yes, there are prizes!

    • Then, a lively discussion.  Lets put the past 18 months behind us and get some positivity about the future of the business of wedding entertainment! Where is it heading? How are we navigate the new norm? How do we get positioned to THRIVE? Led by a few of our guest presenters

Monday August 2 See the Future / Understand How to Create for and With Your Clients

  • 7:00 8:00 :60 Breakfast Sam's #3

  • 8:00 8:10 :10 Opening

  • 8:10 9:05 ::55 Sean Low Sean Low  - The Curtis, Keep Away room


  • 9:05 9:15 :10 Break  - The Curtis, Keep Away room

  • 9:15 10:00 :45 Gen Z Jose Rolon  - The Curtis, Keep Away Room


  • 10:00 10:10 :10 Break  - The Curtis, Keep Away room

  • 10:10 12:40 :150 Lee Kitchen Lee Kitchen  - The Curtis, Keep Away room


  • 12:40 6:00 Lunch with Sean, Lee, Jose, and Bill Boxed Sandwich Lunch

  • Rocky Mountains Tour & Discussions Denver Foothills Explorer

    • Visit some Rocky Mountain Sites- somewhat weather dependant...but we’ll see some Beautiful vistas, some tourist sites, a classic mountain town, and a CO Brew Pub!

  • Peak Moments Facilitated and Staging  Bill Hermann - Red Rocks Amphitheater


  • 6:00 645  On your own

  • 6:45 815  Dinner:  smaller group Dinner Topics - Denver Milk Market 

  • 815-11:00 Conversation & Cocktails  - 7 Grand Lounge 


Tuesday, August 3 Marketing and the Technical Side of your Business

  • 7:45 8:45 :60 Breakfast Sam's #3

  • 9:00 11:30 :150 Vanessa Joy Vanessa Joy  - The Curtis, Keep Away room

    • MARKETING  Instagram to Attract and Sell Clients

  • 11:30 12:15 :45 Jose Rolon

    • MARKETING  TikTok for Wedding DJs

  • 12:15 145 :90 LUNCH Dine Around

  • 145 250 :70 Ben Stowe Ben Stowe  - The Curtis, Keep Away room

    • PRODUCTION Creating Broadcasting Quality Ceremonies /Lighting Results w/out DMX And some New Tech Tips

  • 250 3:00 Break

  • 3:00 350 50  Caroline Fox, Attorney  - The Curtis, Keep Away room

    • OPERATIONS  Contracts and Taxes

  • 350 440 50 Sam Jacobson

    • Attracting and Securing the Ideal Client

    • SALES/Marketing

  • 4:40 6:30 Vanessa Joy Outside

    • Headshots and Groupshots  

  • Time to Network / time on your Own

  • 6:40 9:00 To Stadium : Rockies vs. Chicago Cubs - Club Seats, - Rockies Stadium Dinner, Drinks, Baseball at the Park

  • 9:00 11:00 Conversation and Cocktails Bourbon, Beers - Tap Fourteen rooftop


Wed August 4 Oh The Stories They’ll Tell

  • 8:00 9:00 Coffee Talk- Donuts and Discussion  - VooDoo Donuts

  • 9:00 9:10 PULSE CHECK- What Showed Up?  - The Curtis, Keep Away room

  • 9:10 12:10 :180 Park Howell Park Howell  - The Curtis, Keep Away room


  • 12:10 1:40 :90 Lunch  - Lunch Dine Around

  • 1:40 1:50 PULSE CHECK- What Showed Up?

  • 1:50 3:35 :105 Todd Mitchem Performance  - The Curtis, Keep Away room


  • 3:35 3:55 :20 NAC :: Whats Next  - The Curtis, Keep Away room

  • 3:55 4:45 :50 Grind Out your Take Away Plan, Accountability

  • 4:45 6:30 Denver Brew Pub

  • 6:30 9:00 Dinner STK denver

  • 9:00 Denver Fun

Thursday, August 5 - Last Chance to Share and Network  // Departing Flights

Contact information

Please call or text Rich at 704-618-5187 with any questions or needs. 

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