My First Marbecca Workshop (Part 1)

March 24, 2017

When I started DJing back in 1999, the internet was still a pretty small place.  I had dial-up internet (GASP).  I had to travel about 40 minutes to go to a coffee shop that had high speed, just to download the music I needed for that weekend's wedding.  During that time, I had heard about this guy named Mark Ferrell.  He was the founder of DJA (Disc Jockey America) Radio.  It was one of the first DJ-centric podcasts, before podcasts were a thing.  It was way ahead of its time, and it spoke to me.  

I later found out that Mark and his wife Rebecca started teaching DJs the finer points of being a Master of Ceremonies at workshops.  They were training some of the biggest names in our industry in very small (8 people) groups, at a very high price point.  I was intrigued, but knew that I would probably never go.  

(Click the picture to find out more about the Marbecca Method)


Fast forward to October 2016.  I have, with my business partner Patrick, decided to go to our first convention, Wedding MBA (see previous blog post) in Las Vegas.  While we are there we meet two people, among many others, that quickly became my mentors.  Mitch Taylor and Dave Ternier.  I asked both of them "what was the one thing that changed your business in the biggest way?"  They both answered "Marbecca!"  Still, huge price point, and another trip to Las Vegas made my decision to not go seem pretty easy.  And, the class that had one seat available was at the end of March, while Mobile Beat (the biggest DJ convention out there) was at the start of March in Las Vegas as well.  My excuse was "Well if they were together, I would go."  Sounds like an excuse...

 Then it happened.  A notification from Rebecca saying that a spot just opened up for their bronze Master of Ceremonies skills workshop that was happening in Las Vegas on the two days before Mobile Beat.  This notification came just two weeks before the session was to start.  Talk about last minute.  How was I going to justify this trip?  How was I going to pay for it?  What was Shannon going to say when I told her that I was going to do the thing that I said I wasn't going to do (go to Las Vegas twice in one year)?


I hesitated.


I hesitated for what seemed like hours.  I t was actually about 45 minutes.  Then I messaged Rebecca stating my interest in this seat.  She told me that I was already THIRD in line.  I thought that I had just hesitated myself out of my chance to check two things off of my DJ bucket list.  Then I told my wife Shannon what was going on.  She asked me why I waited.  


Of course she did.


She has always been extremely supportive of everything I do.  Especially so in regards to A+ Event Entertainment.  I come up with a lot of crazy ideas, and she is always there win, lose or draw.  Then I get a message from Rebecca telling me the spot was mine if I wanted it.  I looked at Shannon and she said "Of course you need to go."  


So I went!  



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