Marbecca Part 2

April 18, 2017

In my previous post I talked a bit about the events that lead up to my trip to the Marbecca Master of Ceremonies Workshop in Las Vegas.  Here is what happened to me there.


I arrived in Las Vegas after a long weekend of wedding shows, a four hour drive to the airport, and a four hour red eye flight.  Got to the airport, hopped into an uber, and off to the host hotel.  When I arrived, I was greeted by a table of DJs.  It's always easy to spot them, well hear them actually.  There were 7 guys of various backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, and accents.  Djs from Scotland, England, Carolina, Illinois, Wisconsin, the Dakotas, and Michigan.  All to learn from the Master, of Master of Ceremonies Mark Ferrell.


After eating a great breakfast (really not bad for a hotel) we were welcomed by the lovely Rebecca.  She is the "better half" of MarBecca.  She welcomed each of us with a hug, because that is who the Ferrells are.  Everything that they do is about LOVE.


After getting acquainted the classwork started.  Learning the art of being a Master of Ceremonies is just a part of what we learned during our workshop.  We learned that Why we do something is just as important as how we do it.  Mark is very adamant about not creating "clones" of himself.  His main goal is to show us the framework for what a true Master of Ceremonies does.  Suffice it to say, I really thought I had a good idea.  I learned a lot.  

We learned the phrase "DJ good" which means most people won't think it is bad if you do it like that.  We learned "you don't know what you don't know" for a lot of things.  We learned that everyone has to start from something, and only by taking the giant leap of faith, while allowing yourself to open up to new ideas, can you truly learn and improve.


I owe a lot to Mark Ferrell, and my future wedding couples do to.  Not only is he a terrific instructor, he is also an advocate for mobile djs everywhere.  He is easily distracted, completely genuine, and madly in love with Rebecca.  He says what he means, and means what he says.  I am eternally grateful to him.


I assumed I would learn a lot.  With the $1500 price tag for the two day workshop, it was definitely expected.  What I didn't figure on was meeting a group of guys that connected from the word go.  It was crazy how easily this group of djs from all over the world meshed on so many levels.  Before lunch on the first day we were joking, giving each other nicknames, and sharing deep parts of who we are, and why we have picked this as our profession.  By lunch on day 2, we shared, and shed some tears, and became closer than I thought possible.  



Mark and Rebecca commented over and over that our group was unlike any other Bronze MC workshop group.  Saying things like "We don't usually get to this level until the next workshop" really made us feel special.  We stuck together for the remainder of the Mobile Beat convention, and talk on a daily basis.  They have truly become my friends.


So thank you to Mark and Rebecca Ferrell.  Thank you also to Lucas, Matt, David, Alton, Chris, Paul, and Greg.  The nicknames???  Ask me, I might tell you.



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