My First Presentation

November 12, 2017

In October of 2016 I went to my very first wedding event professionals convention, Wedding MBA.  It was two days of intense learning in a very boring city, Las Vegas.  There Patrick and I were inundated with information.  The old adage "sipping from a fire-hose" really summed up what happened there.  Event professionals from EVERY walk of life were there presenting ways to improve.  There were seminars on business, marketing, and specific sessions for each type of vendor.  I met a lot of DJs that I looked up to, and found out that they were just normal people like us.  I also started to get the inkling that maybe I could present on stage at some point in the future.

Fast forward a few months and it was our turn to be the Master of Ceremonies for the fashion show at Castle Farms.  During the planning stages, they asked for some vendors to do educational presentations for the attendees.  I figured I have a lot to share with couples, so I volunteered.  

My topic was "Building your wedding dream team".  It was designed as a guide for couples to find the perfect vendors for their wedding.  Since we live in a destination wedding market, it seemed like a great topic for that particular show.  I built a digital trivia game show set and was ready to go. 


Unfortunately not every plan survives contact with reality.  The digital trivia system would not work. Distance and human bodies created too much interference between the controllers and the receiver so we couldn't get it to work properly.  After a few minutes we ditched the game (which was a pretty integral part of my presentation) and forged on.  The presentation was still good, just not as interactive as I had hoped.


After the show I had several couples approach me and thanked me for the information.  During a sales meeting with a couple, they actually referenced several of the points from my presentation.  It was very cool to know that I educated at least a few people on how to have a great wedding by selecting the vendors that they wanted, and what criteria they should be looking for.


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