What are 10 questions you should be asking a DJ (or other wedding vendor for that matter) before giving them money $$$?

You've just said YES! It's now time to start planning the party.
In your search to find that perfect dj for your northern Michigan wedding, you're going to come across a lot of DJs. 

But what questions should you be asking them?

Well, here's 10, and a bit about why.

1.  Are you available for my wedding date?
It's pretty obvious about this one, but make sure that before you get into a discussion that they can actually be there.  Some couples get so excited, they forget to ask.

2.  How much experience do you have with my type of event?
A DJ that's been playing in a bar for 20 years but has only done a few weddings isn't the same as a professionally trained DJ that has done many weddings at your venue.

3.  Do you specialize in weddings?
If you come across a DJ that specializes in multiple things, that's a sure sign that they are a jack of all trades, but a MASTER of none.  You can't seriously specialize in weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, school dances, car shows....can you?

4.  Are Master of Ceremonies (MC) services included in your offering?
Not all DJs will act as your master of ceremonies.  Some won't even make basic announcements.
A TRUE Master of Ceremonies (one that is trained and practiced) will help to guide and direct the flow of your wedding celebration.  A trained MC is more than someone who just yells names and announcements at your guests, interrupting the flow of the night.


5.  Will YOU be the DJ/MC at my wedding?

Many Djs are Multi-op companies where there is more than one DJ/MC on staff.  If this is the case, make sure that you have the option to select who your DJ will be.  And if you find someone that you like, ask if they will guarantee that person will be your DJ.
*NOTE* If you read a review about a company that mentions a bait and switch (the couple was promised one dj and someone else showed up without warning) that should be a red flag.

6.  Do you have any special training as a DJ or Master of Ceremonies?
Yes, there is formal training for both DJs and MCs.  A+ Event Entertainment is proud to say that our staff has been trained by elite DJs from all over the world.  We travel to conventions, workshops and seminars to hone our craft and bring the best possible experience to our couples.

7.  What is your role as the MC?  How will you make my wedding memorable?
These are connected because the role of the MC is the face and voice of your wedding reception.  They are responsible for being your representative for what you want your wedding to look, feel, and sound like.  Because of that, they should get to know the two of you on a personal level.  This is the only way that your wedding won't fall into the "cookie cutter" category.


Doing 300 weddings is much different than doing the same wedding 300 times.

8.  What sets you apart from other djs?
Listen very closely to this answer.  It will enlighten you on what's most important to them.  See if they share some things that they do differently than other entertainers.
If they bad mouth other djs by name, that is a red flag as well.


9.  How can you make my wedding unique, different and/or special?

Are they willing to be part of the creative process?  At A+ Event Entertainment we are co-creators with our couples.  With an extensive planning system, we get to the "Why" behind everything that happens at the wedding.  That is key to telling your Love Story to your family and friends through storytelling and music.


10.  Have you ever performed at our venue?
You want your entertainer to know the "lay of the land" before the event.  If they haven't, ask if they would do a site visit with you and the venue coordinator to walk through the flow of the event.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end LOL.  

Happy planning!

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