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Your northern Michigan wedding DJ, A+ Entertains, has some of the most sought-after enhancements in the industry! 

Talk about Gram-worthy!

Spark Fountains

Holy WOW Factor!

Spark Fountains

Fireworks that are safe for indoors

One of the most Insatgram posted moments is your first dance.  Why not make it even more "gram-worthy" by adding our spark fountains? No smoke, safe inside, and what a wow factor! 

Spark Fountain Enhancement


Easiest way to decorate the space

Have you ever been to a show, concert, or movie?  When the lights come down, and the stage lights come up, you know it is time to start. 

Uplights can set a mood, and complete all of the decor elements you've hand-picked for your event space.

Uplighting Enhancement

Venue Lighting Package

Let us help you make this easier

If you are looking for a group of elements to enhance the beauty of your venue, this is it!
This selection includes Design, Installation, Production, and Removal.

It utilizes Premium Wireless Uplighting, Spot Lighting, Cake Table Over/Under Highlights, and Monogram Projection

Venue Lighting

Dance Energy Package

Added fuel to the dance-floor's fire!

If you really want to have everyone out on the dance-floor. this might be a great addition for you.
This package includes Moving Head, Club-Style Lighting, Lighted Foam Batons, Video DJ Screen, and Glow Towers. 

Dance Energy
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