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Frequently Asked Questions!

you've got questions, we've got solutions

Is a down payment required?  If so, how much?
- Yes, and the amount is dependent upon which package is selected.


When is the total amount due?
- The final balance is due in two installments. The first 6 months prior, and the final one month before the event.


How long before the event do we need to book your services?
- We book on a first-come, first-served basis.  With several entertainers available, we suggest booking as soon as possible.  


Is there a refund policy? 
- Our agreement states that no refunds are given once monies are paid unless there is something that falls under stipulations outlined in our agreement.  Our agreement protects both sides (Client and Us) equally.


What is the cost, and what’s included? 
- Please reference the package prices listed on the home page.

Do you provide lighting and or a stage? 
- We can help with the acquisition of both lighting and a stage.


What about the costs involved in travel expenses. 
- Most of our packages cover one hour of travel each way.  It is $99 per hour each way after that.  For events over three hours away, we ask for overnight accommodations.


How long have you been a DJ and how many weddings have you done? 
- Our entertainers have different experience levels.  Our Veteran entertainers have at least 5 years of experience with us.  As a company, we typically entertain for 50-100 weddings per year.


Have you played at my reception site before?
- We are on the preferred service providers list for every venue in northern Michigan that we have been to (and even some that we haven't).  Castle Farms, The Inn at Bay Harbor, All Stafford's properties, Black Star Farms, Bay Harbor Resort, Emmett County building, Dark Sky Park, Grand Traverse Resort, Willowbrook Mill, and many others


Do you act as the MC and make all the announcements?
- ALL of our DJs are professionally trained Masters on Ceremonies.  That is so much more than a DJ making some announcements.  We guide and direct the entire wedding reception so that everyone knows what is happening, and doesn't miss anything.  Have you ever been to a wedding and didn't know the first dance was happening until halfway through it?  

Do you have any backup plans in place, in case there’s an emergency and you’re unable to make it for the wedding? 
- With multiple DJs on staff and good relationships with other DJs in the area, we have backups for our backups.  We also carry backup equipment to every event.

What sets you apart from other companies or DJs?
- We are creative people that want nothing more than for you to have the day of your dreams.  We are the lighthouse for your event; shining the light (or focus) on what is important, and not making it about us.


How would you explain your “style” when making announcements?
- Professionally trained, confidant speaking voice, not cheesy (unless our clients want us to be, some do.) 


Is there any way for us to preview your work online?
- Many videos show what we do.  Many are on this website.


Can you provide me with references/testimonials?
- There are many on this site.  Also, we are preferred providers with many event venues, and vendors.  We are also winners of The Knot and WeddingWire awards based on reviews every year. 


How do you keep your music up to date? What music update services do you subscribe to?
- We subscribe to many of the top DJ POOLs in the industry.  We are also constantly listening to what is trending.  


What do you expect of us to help you prepare for the event?
- This is completely up to you.  The amount of work put into your event (by you and us) is directly correlated with the outcome of the event.  i.e., The amount of personalization matches the amount of information. 


When would you need event details and music requests by?
- Our planning process is different for each package.  Our Platinum+ package has three meetings.  The "Q&A+ meeting" is 6 months prior and is an open-ended conversation getting to the "WHY".  The "Type A+ meeting" is 3 months before the wedding.  It is a detailed session that gets into the nuts and bolts.  That meeting is where we begin to create the order of events (timeline to some).  The final meeting or "A+ Assurance meeting" is one month before the wedding.  That meeting is there to solidify the details, and then forward that information to the rest of your vendors.  The MC is the one tasked with running each wedding.  


When will you arrive to set up before your start time?
- We typically arrive two hours before the start time (unless more time is needed for extensive setup).


What will you wear?
- As you can see in the pictures from our events, and in our profile images, we are professionally dressed in attire befitting the event.  We also never want to "outdress" the guests of honor.  If it is a wedding on a beach, and the couple is dressed for the beach, we will not arrive in a full tuxedo. 


Do you take breaks?  Require a meal?
- We do not take breaks per se.  We do not require a meal, but one is certainly appreciated. 


Are you insured?
- We are insured AND licensed in the state of Michigan. 

Do you have a wireless microphone that can also be used for speeches?
- Yes, we do have high-quality wireless, handheld microphones as well as corded backup mic systems "just in case".

What kind of DJ system do you use?  Do you mix music?
- Our DJs are all trained on professional-level DJ controllers.  They are also trained in the art of mixing and blending songs.  Rarely will there be dead air between songs.  

Do you sit down at a table while DJing?

- It's difficult for us to ask people to dance if we are sitting down.

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