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The Perfect Wedding Playlist: Balancing Ballads and Beats

Finding the perfect music for your wedding can be a daunting task. For instance, just GOOGLE "perfect wedding playlist" and you will have more lists in front of you than you can ever read. Heck, it might have brought you here LOL.

The fact is this, if you LOVE music, and it is a HUGE part of your life, then you want to be sure that your entertainment provider KNOWS this in advance. Conversations regarding the placement of your perfect songs should be part of the planning process. If you're not upfront about this early in the process, it might not get focused on in time. We at A+ Entertains think that your wedding should be unique. Because one of the biggest parts of our job is, well, music, we want to be sure that your tastes and styles are incorporated into your event where they have their best chance for success. No matter what your tastes are, they can probably be included in your event for the most part, and in some fashion.

We like to work WITH our clientele to ensure that they have a say in what is played and what isn't. Make sure that your entertainer gives you the option for a "Do Not Play" and a "Must Play" list. If they give you an excuse as to why you don't get to pick any music, what else are they going to tell you "no" to?

When our couples give us songs that are out of the ordinary, we love to ask "Why?" It opens the doors of communication;and lets us get to know them a little bit better. So...the perfect playlist should be one that fits YOUR STYLE and taste, not some random list you find on the interwebs. -T

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